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Unprecedented growth has created the need to expand our Leadership Sales Team.   Ask for Fastrack to VP.

We are taking applications from self-motivated achievers in 418 market areas throughout the United States for a major marketing campaign about to launch... Our unique and highly effective lead generation strategy generates an endless stream of targeted, educated, and INTERESTED  prospects  making this a realistic mid-6 figure income opportunity for a highly motivated individual who is willing to put in the work that we all know is required in order to produce extraordinary results.We are on a "Crusade To Help Americans Retire With Dignity" that is based on a breakthrough financial product that creates tax-free retirement income and includes a new, modern life insurance product that you don't have to die to use.  The benefits are so obvious and so strong that most families want this as soon as they know about it,  (You'll see exactly why that's true when you watch our video)  so this is very much an "educational sale". Our success is based on our simple proven Business System that has produced predictable results for over a decade for those who work the system.

Career Opportunities


We are in need of Talent Recruiters that can help us on-board 10 to 20 Agents (Business Owners) per month. Great opportunity for an experienced recruiter.

Freedom Equity Group is looking for strong Talent Recruiters that can fill our need of new business owners / agents. Our goal is to hire 20 people per month. Goal is aggressive but we know that with the right Talent Recruiter, this will not be a problem

Recruit talent / Entrepreneur minded individuals that are interested in earning income by operating their own agency. Entrepreneurs must have the intention to run their own agency and have time and resources to build an Insurance Agency for the San Francisco Bay Area locations.

Based on number of Business Owners registered & enrolled in our program and satisfy company requirements in 10-30 days. Potential Income of $500-$1000 per business owner.

* Business Owner / Agent must complete all setup requirements in 30 days.

U.S. Residents only.
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