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A Living benefits plan

Can help provide Income replacement in any event that your income is interrupted by a major illness or terminal illness.

business continuity planning

70% of the US population will suffer a critical, or chronic illness such as Heart Attack, Stroke or Cancer by the time they are 65. Most will live, but many will be financially crippled in the process.
Do not wait until you suffer from a devastating life event.  Be prepared! Through a Complimentary Needs Analysis, We Show Business Owners: How Business Continuation Planning can protect their families and businesses!How “Living Benefits” can keep their families financially strong in times of financial stress. How life insurance “you don’t have to die to use” can come to their family’s rescue in case of critical, chronic illness or death.How “Living Benefits” life insurance can also provide for their tax-free retirement.How we protect them so they never outlive their money. Each one's business needs are different.  We will make an assessment of your needs and customize business continuation plans that will help you ensure your business can continue through critical times when life events occur.
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Executive Bonus / KEY PERSON

Your top performers help you maintain and grow your business and they are difficult to replace. What might happen if you lost a key employee to your competitor? Not only would your business suffer, it may take a long time to find and develop a replacement. Relationships with your current and future customers could be jeopardized as well.

The Game Plan

You design a plan to provide bonuses to reward your top performers. These bonuses can be used to purchase anything the employee wants: a boat, a car, vacation trips or any other luxury items. Many employees use bonuses to help fund their retirement plan and to provide for other financial needs.

While taxable to the employee, bonuses can be set up to be tax deductible for your business. Your bonus plan needs to be easy to communicate and simple for you to implement and maintain.

The Answer

Typically, highly compensated employees need to protect their loved ones with larger amounts of life insurance than can be provided by group insurance. In an Executive Bonus plan under I.R.C. section §1621, bonus payments could be used to pay the premiums on a personally-owned life insurance policy. Since the key employee owns the policy outright, he or she can access the policy’s cash value anytime and at death, the life insurance proceeds are paid to the key employee’s beneficiary income tax free. Overall, an Executive Bonus plan may be the best choice to help keep your top performers on your team and away from competitors.

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