did you know that A Living benefits plan

Can help provide Income replacement in any event that your income is interrupted by a major illness or terminal illness.


Most people purchase life insurance to provide a legacy of financial security at the time of their death. Life insurance is a powerful financial tool that can be used to meet many needs. Most commonly, to provide financial resources to the beneficiaries in event of the death of the insured.  But how do you protect against an unforeseen illness? Doesn’t it make sense for the benefits to be extended and be available for the difficult financial times they have to face if a critical or terminal illness precedes death? This is precisely what Living Benefits provide. The industry calls the benefit an “Accelerated Death Benefit Rider.” We refer to it as real Living Benefits life insurance when it allows for the insured to file a claim or take an advance against their death benefit during difficult times when they are suffering from a serious illness.More information is available.

Life insurance You don't have to Die to Use!

Living Benefits

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Quality of Life plan can help during the financial impact of a serious illness.

Tax-free retirement?

What if you could:

•Provide an income tax-free death benefit for the people who depend on you

•Defer taxes as your accumulated cash value grows

•Potentially access that cash value using income tax-free policy loans and withdrawals, to use for retirement income or other needs

Would You Be Interested?

Did You Know

That permanent life insurance not only helps protect your beneficiaries, it also allows you to build cash value that can potentially be used in a tax-advantaged manner?

A Permanent Life Insurance

Can Provide You:

•Cash value that can be used during lifetime, through policy loans and withdrawals, to provide a tax-free retirement income

•Accelerated Benefit Riders allow access to the death benefit during lifetime in the event of a Terminal, Chronic or Critical illness

•Provides an income tax-free death benefit