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* There are no guarantees of income. Income results will be contingent to your business efforts and diligence in developing your respective businesses.

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Operating your own business has never been a greater opportunity than now.  Like most people looking to get into business, you are probably tired of working at a discount for someone else and wanted to reap more of the rewards of your hard work and talent. 

We are rebuilding America's wealth with Tax Free Income, Living Benefits AND the greatest income opportunity to have ever been made available in the United States today. Learn how thousands of American's are already achieving financial success with our company.


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Career Agent

As an independent agent of Freedom Equity Group, you can take advantage of our successful and proven business model where you can realize lucrative income in just a short period of time.  Mind you that this is not an overnight success scheme, but rather, it's designed to help you operate a business with a franchise like branding but without the significant cost of a franchise business.  As an FEG Career Agent, you will have access to all the business tools, training, marketing, and mentoring programs available.

Run your business at your home office (B2B), at the nearest FEG branch location (B2C), or even using both practices. 

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Internet life agent

Operate as an Internet Life Insurance Agent home-based or from your office. Enhance the way you do business by incorporating tradition business process with innovative strategies and technology. This is an Independent Agent opportunity.

Opportunity Develop business with people that are looking for your services. Operate, perform, communicate and provide client servicing from the seat of your home-office.

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become a career AGENT

Like most traditional service oriented businesses, you will be required to obtain a professional license issued by the state of your residency.  As a financial services professional, you will be able to provide consulting services surrounding the areas of life planning and retirement planning.  Our business model will allow you to earn upwards of $10,000 per month on your own schedule. Thereby having the ability to manage your time and still have the ability to earn great income.  In business, there are no guarantees. Your earnings are largely dependent on your activities and abilities.