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REFERRAL AGENT / life insurance agent

Operate as a Referral Life Insurance Agent home-based or from your office. Enhance the way you do business by incorporating tradition business process with innovative strategies and technology. This is an Independent Agent opportunity.

Your daily activities revolve primarily in marketing & promoting business with people that are looking for your services. Operate, perform, communicate and provide client servicing from the seat of your home-office. You will also have the option to partner with one of our Sales Agents whom will perform the consulting and due diligence to help you close the transaction in your behalf on a split commission basis.

The traditional way of doing business is primarily promoting and servicing your network of people; your circle of family, friends and acquaintances. 

Learn instead how to be an Internet Life Insurance Agent.  Be a marketer and generating new income by providing service to people that would like to do business with you.  You will also be able to participate in multiple Incentives and Cash Bonus programs.

Have own computer with internet technology. Active in Social Media and have discipline to perform and roll-out marketing campaigns. Small investment for technology programs and marketing campaigns will be necessary. Candidates must be computer savvy and have the discipline to balance work and home life. 

Training Programs are available where you will learn new Business Planning, Marketing Strategies, Technology, Social Media Tools & other Resources.

Compensation  Schedule*

Based on production volume.   30% to 75%. Agent training and on-boarding requirements must be satisfied in 30 days.

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 * There are no guarantees of income. Income results will be contingent to your business efforts and diligence in developing your respective businesses.

Unprecedented growth has created the need to expand our Leadership Sales Team.

We are taking applications from self-motivated achievers in 418 market areas throughout the United States for a major marketing campaign about to launch... Our unique and highly effective lead generation strategy generates an endless stream of targeted, educated, and INTERESTED  prospects  making this a realistic mid-6 figure income opportunity for a highly motivated individual who is willing to put in the work that we all know is required in order to produce extraordinary results.We are on a "Crusade To Help Americans Retire With Dignity" that is based on a breakthrough financial product that creates tax-free retirement income and includes a new, modern life insurance product that you don't have to die to use.  The benefits are so obvious and so strong that most families want this as soon as they know about it,  (You'll see exactly why that's true when you watch our video)  so this is very much an "educational sale". Our success is based on our simple proven Business System that has produced predictable results for over a decade for those who work the system.   
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